Rogue’s mission is to ensure that their clients have the highest-quality data available for their projects. We are a group of professional geologists, data specialists and data scientists that have a passion for turning data into opportunity. Our experience ranges from grass roots programs to operating mines and covers a huge range of commodities in a wide number of districts including base and precious metals, industrial minerals, uranium, REEs. With over 45 years of industry experience working with junior, mid tier and major mining companies we know what it takes to help advance their projects and increase value.

We specialize in the following

  • Data Management (Custom Field Software, Database Development, QAQC)
  • Analysis (Geochemical, Structural, Multidisciplined)
  • Exploration Program Design and Execution
  • Oriented Core Studies and Field Portable Analytics
  • Custom Field Apps and Software
  • 3D Modelling and Analysis
  • GIS and Cartography
  • Data Compilations
  • Regional / District Scale Analysis and Targeting
Here are some examples of our work.


Chris Gallagher B.Sc, M.Sc.
w/ Distinction (Geology)

Chris Gallagher is a structural geologist and President / CEO of Rogue Geoscience. He has been involved in mineral exploration since 2003 after completing his Masters in structural geology and tectonics at Carleton University. Since then he has been instrumental in developing a number of exploration methodologies and geologic data management systems utilized in the industry.

The past 15 years has exposed Chris to variety of deposit types in many different geologic terrains. This experience has provided him with the knowledge and expertise to develop a flexible data management system that aids in grassroots to advanced exploration programs. This system has continually evolved to accommodate most deposit types ranging from epithermal gold to SEDEX to porphyry systems.

Chris also has a strong interest in integrating technology with exploration and his recent focus has been on whole rock geochemistry, alteration mapping and the development of QAQC systems for oriented core work.

  • Base and Precious Metals
  • Structural Geology
  • Data Analysis
  • 3D Modelling
  • Project Management

Grayson Clague B.Sc.

Grayson started working in mineral exploration during the summer of 2006 collecting geochemical samples, and working in a core shack. After seeing the state of paper based data collection in the industry he immediately became interested in finding a solution. After enrolling at the University of British Columbia with a focus on mathematics and computer science, he continued working during the summers in mineral exploration, building data collection systems and databases. During this time he was exposed to a wide variety of geologic field work, from grass roots exploration to brown field drill programs.

Since then he has completed his Bachelors degree and applied his programming skills to problems in mineral exploration, building Android apps for field data collection, spatial databases using PostGIS, specialized analysis apps for analysis of oriented core, statistical analytics apps, and workflow automation.

He has a passion for extracting the maximum value from data, and continues to find novel strategies to accomplish this. Including streamlining data collection, and using modern data science techniques to find trends where traditional analytic techniques fall short.

  • Base and Precious Metals
  • Uranium, REEs, Industrial
  • Spatial Databases
  • Machine Learning
  • Workflow Automation
  • Structural Geology
  • Software Development

Full-Time Contract Geologist / Data Specialist

Rogue Geoscience is a fast-growing mineral exploration consultancy, cloud database provider, and software developer in the mineral exploration industry. We are developing a suite of the industry’s most advanced, fully integrated data management and analysis systems. Rogue is seeking a unique candidate who, through their experience and passion, can join our team and bridge the gap between geologic knowledge and data analysis. The successful candidate will play a critical role in supporting Rogue’s client base and internal software development team. Responsibilities include maintaining geospatial databases, validating data, and producing various end products through exploratory data analysis. This is an excellent opportunity for a well-organized, detail-oriented, independent individual to become involved in the continuing development of one of the industry’s leading data management and analysis systems.

Potential candidates should possess the following:

  • At least 5 years experience in an exploration / production setting and 3 years experience managing exploration/mining data.
  • Exceptional data management skills, including experience with PostgreSQL (or other flavour of SQL), python, and other geeky programs.
  • Extensive experience efficiently working with large geochemical and geologic datasets, the ability to domain and identify bias or trends within these datasets, and evaluate their significance.
  • Understanding of statistical concepts and methods for data analysis.
  • Ability to visualize data trends in a clear and insightful manner utilizing charts, graphs, industry-standard GIS, or 3D Modelling software.
  • Strong technical GIS skills, including experience with QGIS or ArcPro
  • Strong problem-solving skills and detail-oriented work ethic are crucial
  • Good communication skills including the ability to explain complex findings in a clear and understandable manner to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Independent learner/worker.
  • Requires flexible work hours and the ability to work on short notice
  • Able to work in Canada

This is a full-time position, with compensation ranging from $40/hr to $55/hr, that requires the candidate to work remotely with a strong internet connection. Please contact hr at roguegeoscience dot com with your application.